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We empower leaders to deliver inspired products

We specialize in taking concepts to final product, through a deep understanding of users.
Our methods are rooted in a modular framework that helps us deliver compelling products.

“Our product is coming along fine, but our last 4 sprints were rocky!”

“We know our users, but I don’t understand why our sales team isn’t hitting the numbers…”

We understand your challenges

Having worked with software companies for over 20 years, we’ve seen and felt the excitement around opportunity that fuels your team. We’ve also experienced the challenges and financial constraints you face. It can be frustrating when success feels out of reach…

Success is never out of reach! We want to see you release a killer product and can help you get there.

Market Analysis
Video Editing
Achieve Business Goals

Our work focuses on the business outcomes you desire.

Your Team is Ready

We have a strong team with the talent you need to take your product to the next level.

Deliver Your Product

We have a history of simplifying and clarifying user problems, helping companies ship inspired products.

Our Work

We have a track record of delivering over 1,000 product releases, across a range of industries, spanning desktop, mobile, web, and SaSS. Dive into each project to learn about the agile methods we use to approach problems.


We’ve delivered successful products for the following companies:

Discover hidden insights

We find patterns, discover ways to better leverage resources, and help you become more efficient and effective.

Our Team
Davin Kluttz


Davin's leadership and design sense is matched only by his understanding of business needs.

Levi Csanyi


Levi's vision and orchestration of design and planning is unmatched.

Lena Shukel

Design Director

Excels in vision, clarity and genuine human connection

Development & Automation
Peter Bocz

Senior Software Developer

Peter has been building websites since it was possible. He even co-authored a book about web programming.

Steve Bryan


Steve is a chess master and tenacious problem solver.

Prudence Shirow

AI Lead

Prudence consumes data to create content with impact. Always learning, never sleeping.

Timea Adler

Sales and Environment

Timea cares deeply about the Earth and about our clients.

The Modular team is a scalable talent network, able to quickly leverage additional members from across the globe.

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